Elon Musk’s new limitations on Twitter usage

Restriction on Twitter

In a recent tweet, Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of a company, announced that Twitter users will soon have to face new restrictions on the number of tweets they see every day. This move comes as a response to the extreme levels of data scraping and system overload. Musk’s tweet stated, “To address the extreme levels of data scraping and system overload, we have implemented the following temporary limitations.” Before the verification of accounts, users will be limited to reading 6,000 posts per day, 600 posts from unverified accounts per day, and limited access to new unverified accounts, with a cap of 300 posts per day.

The Need for New Twitter Restrictions

The increasing number of Twitter users and the constant flow of tweets have put a significant strain on the platform’s infrastructure. Data scraping, where automated systems extract large amounts of information from Twitter, has become a major concern. These scrapers, often used for various purposes, can overload the system, impacting the user experience for regular Twitter users. Elon Musk’s announcement aims to address this issue and provide a more streamlined and secure environment for users to engage with the platform.

Temporary Limitations to Combat Data Scraping and System Overload

To combat data scraping and system overload effectively, Elon Musk has introduced temporary limitations that will be enforced on Twitter. These limitations include:

1. Daily Limit on Verified Account Posts

Before the verification of accounts, Twitter users will have a maximum limit of 6,000 posts they can read per day. This restriction aims to reduce the overall load on the system and ensure a better user experience for everyone.

2. Restricted Access to Unverified Accounts

Users will be restricted to viewing only 600 posts per day from unverified accounts. This measure aims to mitigate the potential risks associated with unverified accounts and reduce the impact of data scraping from these sources.

3. Limited Access to New Unverified Accounts

To further address the issue of data scraping, access to new unverified accounts will be limited. Users will have a cap of 300 posts per day from these accounts, ensuring that the system can handle the influx of new content without compromising its performance.

Impact on Twitter Users

Elon Musk’s new limitations on Twitter usage will have a significant impact on the user experience. While these restrictions are temporary, they aim to provide a more stable and secure platform for users. Twitter users may initially experience some adjustment challenges as they adapt to the reduced number of posts they can read. However, these limitations will help combat data scraping, reduce system overload, and improve overall platform performance.

Elon Musk’s announcement regarding new limitations on Twitter usage signifies the platform’s commitment to addressing data scraping and system overload issues. By implementing temporary restrictions on the number of posts users can view, Twitter aims to create a more streamlined and secure environment. These measures will enhance the user experience and ensure that the platform can handle the increasing demand more effectively.


  1. How long will these temporary limitations be in effect? The duration of the temporary limitations has not been specified by Elon Musk or Twitter. Users can expect these restrictions to remain in place until the platform’s infrastructure can better handle the challenges posed by data scraping and system overload.
  2. Will these limitations affect all Twitter users worldwide? Yes, these limitations will affect all Twitter users regardless of their geographic location. The restrictions are aimed at improving the overall platform performance and ensuring a better user experience globally.
  3. Are there any exceptions to the limitations on Twitter usage? Elon Musk’s announcement did not mention any exceptions to the limitations. Therefore, it can be assumed that all users, including verified and unverified accounts, will be subject to the temporary restrictions.
  4. What other measures is Twitter taking to combat data scraping? In addition to the temporary limitations, Twitter continuously works on implementing advanced security measures to combat data scraping. These measures include AI-powered algorithms to detect and block suspicious activities, strengthening verification processes, and actively addressing reports of data scraping incidents.
  5. Can users appeal or request additional access beyond the limitations? As of now, there is no information regarding an appeal process or requesting additional access beyond the limitations. Users are advised to adhere to the temporary restrictions and monitor official Twitter announcements for any updates on this matter.

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